The best design and installation of your garden will come to naught without proper ongoing care.

Many have come to learn that it is very easy to kill a tree in its first year, just to give one example.

We provide ongoing garden care for those  of you who want to spend your limited time at home enjoying your gardens rather than working in them.

We are not a “lawn service”. We do not mow your grass and we do not fill your yard with chemicals. We are a quality garden service who will give year round care to your trees, shrubs, and perennials and will help you plant annuals as well.

We will help you weed, fertilize, mulch and prune your plants. We will defend your plants from disease, insects and predators by the safest effective means.

We particularly enjoy helping clients who are trying to restore established gardens that have become overgrown and unmanageable. We will help you identify “mystery” plants and provide “off the cuff” design suggestions as we help you bring your “heritage” garden back to its old glory.



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